Sunday, May 29, 2011

Identity Theft ; My Story

Identity Theft ; My story.
You know, Identity theft is like your private data that you can't give to anyone else. It is harmful and very protected.
My aunt gave her private data and see what happened to her.
She gave her private data like mother's surname, last name, her address, and some other private. She said that she visited a anonymous blog and the owner asked her some of her private info. Then someday, she said she lost Rp. 200.000 from her bank. She shocked. Then she asked a person in the back for the information who took her money. The bank said that there's one person who took the money and he declaimed that he is her sibling. Then suddenly she remembered about the guy in the blog who said that he is like a brother for her.
After that, my aunt never give her private data.

Private data is important. Like example: your address, your credit card number, passwords, etc. So, important with it. Save it in the save place (don't save in your cellphones or computer).

Saving your data will save your everything. :)